Hello 2011

As we eagerly looked forward to the new year with the hopes of fulfilling dreams that never came true
in the past year or getting that dream job, making new resolutions and for this time actually sticking to them through to a least middle of the year and not just first few weeks into January as some of us do. I think most of you would agree that there were also a sense of fear and uneasiness about UK's economic uncertainty and financial upheaval.

 Err yes, with VAT increase, budget cuts, job losses and who can forget student protest and tuition fee increase. We are in 2011 now and how have all the aforementioned things translated into your lifestyle,  perhaps alterations such us letting go of the wants and holding on tight to the need, shopping for less. Well as a student myself and being tight with money, er who I'm I kidding let's me just use "being poor all the time"  being the paradigm, I can't say I'm going do a complete 360, like taking the car out less, down sizing or cutting down on the dinner parties, but I do acknowledge there will be some challenges along the way. did you all see how the usual January sales was congested into the first few days in January, bargain hunters rushing in to beat the VAT increase.  All sounds pretty grim doesn't it. Well I've got a lil sumin that might cheer up fashionista alike out there.

Say Hello to Primark                        


                              SPRING/SUMMER 2011 PREVIEW

Belted chiffon dress_£15

                                                                          prom dress_£17 and patent show_£12

I like this collection for a couple of reasons, the colours, spring/summer is colour, good ranges in their colour pallet, love the reds, different shades of blue navy and lovely prints and illustrations. it is very feminine, screams a little fifty's and you don't have to break the bank. I love the belted chiffon dress although I don't think it's the right brown for my skin tone.

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