23 degrees in April

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, the hottest day so far this year. I'm certainly loving this transition season, flowers blooming, fields of daffodils, beautiful scenics etc. I also kind off get stuck in previous season's fashion and dress sense, I still fine my self covering up so much, wearing scarves, gloves and snuggly jumpers, which means always stripping down in the afternoon, becasue it start to become unbearably hot. This always happens (hehe..),  but I continue with it becuase as you all know, you don't always know with the weather. It will be forecasted to be sunny but it rains, or gets cold instead so I like to be prepared for the unexpected. and so I've been very happy and enjoying the consecutive sunny days.

Saturday afternoon in utrecht was beautiful, I spent the afternoon in wilhelminapark http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelminapark_en_omgeving.

hanged out with friend, had good conversation and played frisbee, a very good way to work out guys, I did realise this before. bearing some mild pains in my extremities, I'm sure I burnt some calories too, although that doesn't excite me that much.
one I last thing I think I found my dream bike,  after seeing my friend's Andrea's new nike. what a beauty:). mine will obviously be the women's bike, with a basket, all white out.:D

how have you been spending the beautiful sunny days and what's are favourite things about Spring, let us know xoxo


  1. Hey nice pics. I wished the bike could have stand on its own lol. but that brings a funny touch that way ;). L

  2. hehehe!! I agree. looking back, I don't think these bikes have the the break stand. He laid it on the ground and leaned it on a tree when he wasn't on it. hmm... should fine out more before any purchase