What is for Spring.... Part 1

okay so if you're really into fashion and follows it, you are probably thinking this post it a bit too late, trueee... but this isn't a post to tell you what is going to be hot this spring according to the experts or what to look out for or what's on the catwalk, a tad late for that, rather is what I'm loving and feeling this spring, just had free time on my hands today so decided to look around for fabulous things, what I found were too fabulous I would be mean not to share :). I don't reeeally follow trends, I love style which in my humble opinion is not trend bound, which might mean that if the look practically works, the basics of my style stays pretty much the same through out the year with a few surprises here and there to amp it up .


source: Dr Marten Spring 2011-fashion-styleThey say it takes two weeks to form a habit. I had to start with these from Dr Martens, because I'm so much into flats at the moment. It habitual for me to wear flats these days because, not very practical to be wearing heels and on my feet for five or more hours in the laboratory. comfy and easy, love! 

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