etiquette stylers on street

I love reading blogs especially fashion, the countless number of them and usually I don't find one vastly different from the other, with so many of them out there I guess it's not easy being novel. I visited the  street etiquette blog after my good friend Aurora sent me their link. Aurora I know you will be reading this, thank you for all the goodies you keep sending my way. you are star :).  I liked it so much I've decided to blog about it. first of all I love their style, certain simplicity about their style yet bold and venturesome and also it's one of few men's blog of it kind I've seen. So suffice to say they're filling a much needed gap. It doesn't hurt that they handsome and ambitious too. I say ambitious when I don't really know a lot about them except what they share with their readers. but reading their posts and the amount of research they presumably put into it. you have to have that ambitious streak in you fro that. The blog looks very accomplished, find out for yourself  here what I mean

I like to think that I've seen, maybe read about 50% of blog from fashion to food to travel but that would be a lie. if you know of any new or old blog kind in the aforementioned, send me the links please!! thanks in advance

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