The Hair 

It felt great when I took scissors to my hair to chop off my long black yet thin hair with even tints of brown. Characteristics which had resulted due to either genetics or continuous chemical applications. hmm I say genetics; my sister and I always used the same type of relaxers and pretty much had same rituals for keeping our hair nice and healthy yet her hair remains jet black, soft textured and buoyant. It has been about five months since I cut off all my relaxed hair and allowed it to grow naturally. As liberating, revived and freeing as it felt then, the novelty is wearing off. Suffice to say maintaining natural hair is not any easier than relaxed hair. I am constantly thinking of what to do next, redoing twists every other day to get them to last longer. I suppose being someone who gets bored with hairstyles easily doesn't help. I am not happy leaving it be. I have to quiff it, tweez it and more. 
so the question now is; To keep it natural or not?. Thoughts to myself, is that it's better to have something natural, and to deal with any difficulties that may come with it rather than amend it and still have those difficulties.
I love my natural hair and see myself  with it for a very very very long time. However I can't stop wondering if most people rocking their natural hair have these issues too, time consuming and difficult to maintain or it's just me?

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  1. Natural hair maintenance definitely takes patience, its no easier than dealing with relaxed hair and many women [with relaxed hair] have asked me how do i maintain my natural hair as for them it was just too difficult. The answer i always give them is patience. Im not a afrocentric, empowered feminist but i do see the beautiful benefits in pursuing the natural hair look as it is ultimately how God created our hair to be. I love the texture, the various shapes that you can fashion natural hair into, the fact that it is the only type of hair that can be styled vertically with no chemicals or gels needed...the fact that it doesn't actually feel like hair but some sort of expensive fiber that would be used for producing fine, cashmere apparel. The list is endless. For women with relaxed hair, i think that is a lovely look also especially when it is maintained, but natural hair for me creates a pure, unrefined and organic experience which i am still not tired of after 21 years.

  2. wow!! thanks for your comment, I loved reading it. It's good to know that you've kept it for so long. I just need to give myself time.