Is Holland a Country?

No, I'm not actually asking you this question lol. But I do find it interesting why it confuses people, the ambiguity with Holland and The Netherlands. I remember when I started telling friends about my move to The Netherland, the popular response was, Where is Netherlands? and Oh you mean Holland?. Granted I didn't actually know the where exactly in the country Holland was, so I went a long with it. To be honest I don't think most people care about knowing the provinces and capitals of countries, especially when they don't live in the country or have any ties with it. Having been living here for almost a year I reckoned I won't be getting away with not knowing the provinces and whether I live in Holland or not. To further my knowledge on country regarding cities and town I been doing a bit of exploring outside the west of The Netherlands, the country afterall isn't just Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht; apparently that is what us foreigners think. - not funny at all :D. 

I thought of travelling to at least a town or city in all the different regions. but also plan to do something fun while out there. Long walks around town and villages, visiting old churches and museums and market are becoming a bit boring now. I stopped taking photos on those trips because I found myself taking the same pictures over and over, it didn't matter the location, most things looked the same.

In the past two weekends I have been down south to Tilburg. I went to the Beekse Bergen Safari Park with a friend and had a great time. We walked about 6km from the station to the safari park instead of getting the bus to take in the good scenic view Tilburg had to offer.

And just just this Saturday a colleague and a friend from work invited me to her friends country house near Apeldoorn, central eastern part of the country to go horse riding. She is very  fond of horses, and wanted to show me a few tricks. I on the other hand, it was to be my first time experience with them. I did rather well, bonded with these two beautiful  Icelandic horses. one of them called Inzinga and the other name I had a hard time pronoucing it and so I'm certainly not going to attempt to write it. I would say probably the hardest Dutch names I have had to pronounced. He was such a good and calm horse I had fun riding on him, and he is so smart. On the way, he kept wanting to change the route, He knew the quickest route back home and wanted to take that.
As well as the typical gaits of walk, trot and canter, the Islandic horses also tolt and pace. The tolt is like a smootter trot. Horse riding is a lot of fun, you can tell on my face I was having fun.

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