Magazine Launch: 55pages Issue 4 Launch Party

55 family and friends
 with Lois (Bunnipunch), such a lovely girl, owner of  Carrot Top PR and a blogger
 With the two top stylists. Jennie on the left and Sara Darling right.
playing the posing game with Sofia a fashion styling student from Portugal

55pages (an art and fashion magazine) celebrated the launch of their 4th issue by throwing an ultra lively, and eclectic free street party at the #R3D Market at Shoreditch. It was so much fun, with live DJs, photobooth, projections, art and foodstalls. One of the reasons why I loved it so much was because the extremely friendly, everybody was happy and genuinely interested to converse with you. A very different story to what I have heard at other fashion parties. Where I here you have to meticulously work your way through crowds, eyeing up who looks says I wouldn't mind a chat and trying to avoid faces that says don't approach me. Have you had such an experience in that environment ?

I guess you get it everywhere, but I feel it would be even more difficult in the fashion industry. Where the dogma is be friendly, make small talks with potential clients, oh and here's a good one: compliment them on what they are wearing ( always a winner when you are genuine about it). So you can image with certain personalities these activities may not be conducive. This was not the case as this launch party, the atmosphere was so free, lively, everyone was happy to welcome a conversation.

55pages have got some amazing segments coming up on their website ; culture being one of them, so do keep an eye on it. They are very particular about what and who they write about and the people at the magazine are very passionate about art, music fashion and all other content they provide. Do you feel a sense of fondness in my opinion of the work 55 do ?  perhaps it's because I am part of the 55 family :). But seriously it is very unique in all aspect, amidst so many magazines both online and print.   


  1. Love your outfit here hun xx

  2. Thank you! the top and necklace are from H&M, purse is from Zara and jeans is from Jane Norman xoxo