5 Ways To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

Resolutions are hard to keep. It's 21 days into the new year and how many of us have not forgotten  or quit our resolutions? If we are being honest, about half of the people who made them have either broken or quit. It's well known that some people will work on their 2013 resolutions which were made in 2012 in 2014. For those with the strongest will power can stick with their resolutions, but for how long? maybe until half of the year and be done with them or will only stick with them sporadically through the year when it suited them.

A few years ago I stopped making resolutions which states that I should stop doing something. The focus has since been all on things I want to do, as you all know it's our human nature to struggle with refraining from things we shouldn't do and things that are bad for us. I am sure we all make new aspiration in order to become better people and to improve our lives. thus ultimately it's all positives. So instead of telling yourself or writing it down to stop this and that, change the wording. Whether you write them down or in mind, they should be what you 'want to do'. It's the whole thinking positive, speaking positive words to yourself, and allowing only positive things in your live. Here is an example, if your aspiration for this year is to not procrastinate, you tell yourself that you want to do things exactly when you say you'll do them, not  a minute later and not doing anything other than what you had planned. the latter explains the first the only difference is you are doing what you want to do as oppose to the first where you want to stop yourself from doing something- (always hard)

Here are some tips to help you stick with your new year's resolutions.

1). Write down what you do want to do not what you don't want to do anymore or quit.
Your do's can be the exact opposite of what you want to quite. Example..I want to stop procrastinate would be I would do things exactly when I say I will do them, not a minute later.
2). Keep yourself busy doing 'positive things',  
e.g. new hobbies.. reading a new book each month, visiting art galleries and museums, take a class will inadvertently leave you less or no time to spend online. if you goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend online doing nothing productive. (this is very subjective, your 'positive thing' may be spending more time online if you run a business online, you want to increase your online presence, just whatever works for your lifestyle. 
3). Keep your resolutions short. 
be realistic and make concise and clear note that are feasible for you. Also somethings may become irrelevant to you through the year due to courses your life may take. so it's okay to add on when you see fit. Be reflective through the year, if you want to look back either each day, week or month to see things that have work, things that needs changing, and why things didn't work. 
4). If possible, keep your resolutions to yourself. (Being open may work for others)
I know some people like to have someone or people to be accountable to, who will encourage them or keep them in check, but I also know that, we can judge ourselves for being a failure when we are unable to achieve a goal. so imagine the added pressure of how someone else will now think of you.. for not living by your words. 
5). Your new years resolutions are not that important - 
when all is said and done, so it's okay if your doesn't work out and only last for a week or 6 months, you stick and quit them whenever you want. Their impact on your life is only what and how you make it.

My resolutions for 2014
Sticking to point 5, I will only share with you three of mine for this year, not because of any pressure because I have not yet completed my list, (it could be pending till the end of 2014, it works for me this way hehe..) 
  • Read two really good books, a book with a potential to remould me life principle. I would need help with this so open for suggestions. I have three genres in mind, (a novel,) (an entrepreneurs guide type book), (living- health-zen type books) or others.
  • Read and get more understanding of the bible - I suppose this sort of falls into my first point. 
  • Learn to swim and then take surfing lessons after that.
My progress on these three I'm still on the hunt for the books, looking for a good swimming class to join, I've been reading the bible. One of my major ones was to start working for myself and that's coming along well which is great!

I hope you are all getting on well with yours resolutions and will do even better with these tips. Wishing you all the best with them. I'm curious to know how you are doing on your resolutions and have you started yet? and your thoughts on this topic in general, leave your thought below in the comment box.


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