These pictures are results from my recent editing for an outfit post, playing around on Adobe Lightroom and unintentionally made these colours. Oops! was my reaction but on second look it had grown on me so I went ahead and edited a couple more pictures with this red saturation. After all I get to make use of the countless pictures I take for an outfit. I think it's only natural when you get your first DSLR to get carried away, taking loads of pictures. I have far too many pictures on my laptop, external hard-drive, dropbox, anywhere you can think of saving pictures, for someone was isn't a professional photographer. I always say to myself to only take a few, at most 10 picture for an outfit post, yet I always end up going overboard, I'm talking in hundreds. Granted this way I am guaranteed a few good pictures to post but then I get left with a 100 more which I have no use for, I think? Yet i can't get rid of them. Does any of you who blog about outfits do they same?  

For details on the outfit I'm wearing check my last post here

Check this out  : Five Years - The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story Trailer 
Love it, Love her designs 


  1. your just too cute!... your smile is infectious!

    1. Thank you darling, you are too kind. I really appreciate all your comments on several of my post, I always enjoy reading them. thank you for your continued support, interest, and comments. See you next time on your blog or mine xoxo

  2. I think they look great, especially with the red brick wall as a backdrop. My problem is I get self conscious and only end up taking a few, or feel too silly to do anything interesting or different in them. I have to get over that.

    1. Hi Megan, I know what you mean, it takes time, it will get to a point you wouldn't care who is staring, who is passing or looking silly. it's all in the name of good fun. you will do great xoxo

  3. Nice outfit!

    x Angela

  4. hello,my name is poppy,nice to see you here
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    really great outfit . i love it

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  6. I'm loving everything about this outfit, especially the colors! xoxo

  7. What a great outfit, gotta love denim!


  8. I love the editing! Its a shame that I still can't use Photoshop :(. I don't bother saving my blog pictures so I don't have that problem.