Shaggy Cardigan

(Trainers - Puma Classic, Jeans - Topshop, Cardigan - similar here, Top - H&M
Photos by Nicholas Sandzi 
I love this shaggy cardigan, I bought from a little independent store a few years ago, I don't remember the name of the store. You can wear it all year round, it won't ever be outdated. I like throwing it on white tees like this for a casual look. I got the trainers free from my old job which was sponsored by Puma, best freebie ever!!

So moving on from the outfit, I have had a very interesting and fun times during the past month. If you are a returning visitor you probably would have realised that I haven't written anything personal about myself in the 'About me' tab. So before I get into my interesting happenings I'll give a little background on me. My profession is a scientist , I did a biochemistry degree, worked in research and then moved into the pharmaceutical industry although I am currently out of job in the field. Instead I have been modelling, Yes that's right, with my height hehe! don't worry I do real people modelling, commercial kind. I started two years ago, but I wasn't doing much, because I had a full time job at the time and had little or not time for castings or any work. so I only did job where I was directly casted on photo only. but as I am currently job haunting I have all the time for castings and shoots. I was pretty lucky last month, I went on 4 castings and books 2 of them. I could really get use to the job, getting picked up by taxi from home to work and back, the food on set, the lovely people, and sometimes the clothes. However you can't really rely on this kind of job, you can go months without booking a job. Plus I also enjoy working in the pharma/science/research industry so if I had my way I would do both. In the mean time I hope I can do as many as I can before my next career move. Have you been up to anything interesting this year?

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for stopping by xoxo.


  1. cute sweater, cool location!

  2. Hi!!!!! I like very much the mix of black and white. This cardigan is so precious!!!!!!
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    Eni K.

  3. it's no surprise to me that you look impecable! xoxo

  4. Wonderful photos!! You look so graceful and elegant!! Great style and I am in love with your cardigan!! <3

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  5. love this outfit! stunning photos as always!:)x

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  7. I love the shoes so much... cute! Love your blog...
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  8. Very stylish Look, great Pics


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  15. love the jacket

  16. hey, nice look, cute cardi :)

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  18. your jacket is amazing! great outfit X

  19. Absolutely love the cardigan!

    x Angela

  20. love your great look!

  21. I love your hair! :)