Hello lovely readers of my blog! I hope you all having a great weekend. I miss this space, if I had may way I would blog about something new each day, but it's impossible for me with my work schedule. how do you guys do it- fellow bloggers?.. So I just wanted to come by and shares some awesome information with you. FCUK Sample Sale is on this Weekend!!!! I had planned to put this up early but I had to stop half way and get ready for my trip to Birmingham. At least we still have Sunday right? I went to my friend's birthday celebration, a Hawaiian themed bbq in Birmingham, it was  a lot of fun. catching up with friends and eating good food, all the good stuff. I will share some of the pictures on Instagram so you can pop around there when you can to have a look.  I am really tired and no sure if I can make it to this FCUK sample sales later on. I shall try my best, I think it will be a shame to miss it. I  hope at least one of you agree and will be attending, if you are a Londoner that is. 

Anyway wishing you all a lovely weekend whatever your plans maybe.


  1. I knew about the event, but couldn't make it, even though I really wanted. Did you make it to go?


    1. No I couldn't in the end, very unfortunate

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