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Earlier this year, I worked for fit FitFlop for their Spring Summer collection. I didn't know much about the brand but I found out more on set and fell in love with their products, my favourite has to be The Shruv red patent clogs. They are so comfortable and I was sold on the science behind it. They have an engineered Microwobbledboard in the sole that is designed to give you a workout while you walk. "The design give your legs and bum a muscle workout and helps to tone these areas. Other benefits of FitFlop include an improved poster and you burn more calories than you would in the ordinary pair of sandals".

The EVA Sole: The thicker heel unit absorbs shock as you walk whilst the toe area is mid density and the mid is soft. FitFlop have designed this to give a slightly unstable surface to walk. The benefits of FitFlop have been tested over a 3 year period by Dr David Cook Lecturer in Biomechanics, and Darren James at the Centre of Human Performance at London South Bank University. "Since wearing FitFlop thousands of wearers have reported the amazing benefits they have found by wearing them including relief from back pain.
I wore THIS ONE a few times this summer and found them super comfortable. If you are loving Fitflops you are in luck because FitFlop are extending their offer of 25% off until midnight Tuesday on selected lines, to see more or shop click HERE . 
Massive thank you to the beautiful people at FitFlop for sponsoring this post.

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