Stradivarius SS14 Campaign

Stradivarius website

Zara clothing has become a staple for us all, the self-proclaimed fashionista, the cooperate lady who doesn't think she is into fashion, yet is looking super stylish/trendy/fashionable all the time. I am yet to meet someone who doesn't like Zara. When I ask people what their favourite shops are Zara is always somewhere on the list. Even when these people prefer to shop at Chanel, Dior, their choice of high-street brand to mix and match with is likely Zara. So I am sure there are many who are excited as I am about the news of their younger sister brand Stradivarius that will soon be opening in the UK - their first store will be in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford London.

It's similar to Zara basic and more affordable with prices not costing more that £40 which is good for Trafaluc.


  1. I love the title "Zara's sister" :D
    I am a big fan of fashion but it's sad since I still haven't got a chance to try on Zara


  2. Great photos. Gotta love Zara! :)

  3. So cool colection!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo