I'm going to love today

The weather is beautiful today and I'm very excited about going out today. I don't really like going out on gloomy or rainy Saturdays, I would much rather spend it laying in bed, cleaning, doing my Dutch homework and surfing the internet. which gets old after a while. So I'm definitely taking advantage of the whether today by spending the afternoon with some new friends, at an Irish pub in Utrecht, I think its the only pub in town because that is all I hear most people go on about.

Although I'm going on about my life as usual, I don't think I will be able to forgot the memory that has been tattooed on my brain from watching Red Nose Day last night, in fact I hope I don't forget.  I was shocked, and was hurting. I broke down in tears. I was filled with this huge compassion watching children die from hunger, from malaria and doctors having to choose some children to save over others due to lack of equipments. It was just too much. With all the emotions and watery eyes I wanted nothing more than to be able to relieve them off their pain, to make each one of them feel better, to provide food for the hungry and to give hugs to those children who looked liked they had given up on life.

 My reasons or excuses you might call it, when it comes to donating for a cause (that's if indeed the money will be used for what they are meant for) didn't matter or come up.  When David Tennant was saying something along the lines of are you that person who watches on with empathy without action or postpone your donation,  that was me he was speaking to. I couldn't ignore it and wait for the day when I would get the opportunity to be hands on offering help to these people in person and seeing the end results, and how they benefit from it.  In that moment,  I saw no point of what was going on in my life. I defined living, in that moment as giving and making others' life better, it hurt right now that I cannot do much but it motivates me to work even harder on myself to be in a position to make remarkable difference. I pray and hope we all can make the conscious decision to help our brothers and sisters in poverty ridden slums in Africa, Asia and all walks of life. God Bless You All. xoxo     

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