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I went to de culinaire werkplaats again over the weekend with my mother, and it was as vibrant, and welcoming as my first visit during Amsterdam fashion week.  it's a design studio and restaurant in Amsterdam. Although I'm not sure the owners will call it that, understandably so, it's nothing like your average restaurant. They can accommodate small number of people at a time so making a reservation is prerequisite and we were lucky enough to get a reservation. We arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes earlier than our reservation time after a long tour aound Amsterdam sightseeing we just wanted to sit down and relax. We were greeted by Erik and Marjolein the owners, we had a wee chat about the last time I was there. It was going to be my first time dining there after having a tour in the design studio on fashion week. The atmosphere, the warm greetings we received and high spirits of the people raised my hopes for the experience I was about to have. and indeed the evening we spent there was all through astonishing and fun as I had anticipated. Each dish is brought to the table by a staff but you do have to take your plates to the dish wash area yourself_now you know what I meant by it not being your average restaurant. The head chef explains the dish and how they have incorporated the theme of the evening into the dish. The theme was Dutch landscapes, I was amazed at how they had carefully and innovatively put together ingredients, I could see the art and creativity on each plate from how the landscapes theme manifested in the dishes to the complimentary flavours. We had five dishes, perfectly timed out, we got the next dish just when we were ready for a new taste, to continue on our indulgence of eat inspiration.

I took some photos of the menu we were served, Enjoy :)

Sneak preview
flatbread  and dip made with borecole (English kale) and walnut...very delicious

Pasta shells, samphire, sea foam and dried tomatoes
The Dutch landscape that inspire this dish  is the wadden sea region 

take a peak at the "inhoud", meaning content in Dutch. I've picked up this habit of mixing English and Dutch I find it helps me remember Dutch, I am not good yet to have full on conversation in dutch but I have to say am awesome at meshing the two :)

eclair pastry, mushrooms and braised jerusalem artichoke
Inspried landscape is the forest

This one was inspired by Urban area,  Marinated black pototoes in greenbelt_kinewaa rice and spinach

The polder
A dike of black sweetish venere rice with a raisin sabayon

"taste the unwearables" fashion collection display during Amsterdam International Fashioh Week
made with vegetable fibers and other various food

Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing are the brains behind de culinaire werkplaates, they are very nice people, very friendly, inspiring and passionate about the work they do, I could listen to them explain their work for hours. they are awesome:)

eating at de culinaire werkplaats is one of a kind experience, I can't recommend it enough to you. If you are passionate about food, have a boad taste and would like to discover new flavours then I wish it upon you. not only that but you also learn about future trajectory of food waste management and some sciences.

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  1. I really want to go again!

  2. you will love it, I strongly recommend it xoxo