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Celebrating 150 years of the Tuxedo

Earlier this month London College of Fashion (LCF) announced the celebration of a very British icon, The Tuxedo. I love  the Tux, I rarely see people not pull it off so I was very happy to see it celebrated and also learnt a bit of history about it. It epitomises traditional values of Britishness, excellence, fashion and sophistication. Invented by Henry Poole and Co in Savile Row in 1860 it's still popular today with its legendary status. For this celebrating they have employed a group of Bespoke Tailoring student from LFC  to re-invent the Tuxedo for the 21th century, I'm very interested to see what they will create. From the original smoking jacket that was first created to the change in colour in the early nineties to late nineties when is started deviating from the strict black-and-white interpretation. and now we see its influence in so many garments androgynous style, oh  the Tux jacket which I love love love.

the smoking jack 1868

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  1. Oh, yeah! Tux = Cool.

    I never knew about the history of the tux. Most of the time, now, I’m lopping around in shirts or t-shirts, so on the rare occasions that I get to throw on my glad rags, I love it. And wearing a crisp tux or a sharp suit jacket proves strange boost to my confidence.

    It must be the classic history of the thing, the fact that icons real and fictional, from Adrian Lester and Janelle Monáe to James Bond and The Saint, have worn it. Beautiful stuff.