A year older

I have had a wonderful birthday weekend, from the presents to lovely messages from friends (shout-out to bday wishers on facebook). My birthday this year has felt a bit weird,  first birthday in years, I wasn't revising for exams 'not complaining'. BBQ on  Saturday was great. although the weather wasn't, it was very windy which made it a bit cold. everyone had tucked their hands in pockets, wind was blowing plates and food everywhere lol.. I couldn't be asked to take my hand out to take pictures,  yet is was great. All you need is people, when you have lovely people around you. you can make the best out iffy situations :).

source: weheartit


  1. Belated happy birthday!

    As I write, my own birthday’s approaching this month. Only a handful of friends will be joining me to celebrate, as most of the people I know have left Nottingham already.

    Looks like you had an exciting birthday, though. So good of the people you’ve been staying with to throw a party for you.

    Like you say, ‘All You Need is Love’