Still in Holland
Burgers Nostalgia retro £520.00
Burgers Cargo £525.00

Wow!!! Time has gone by really fast, my time here is almost up which I have missed feelings about. At the moment I'm trying to put things together in England and I had to think about of course means of transportation back home. After 8 months of counting on my bike to get me from A to B, from work, foods shopping to mere roaming about. I can't see myself doing without a bike in England. Obviously cycling in England is nowhere near as safe as cycling here but I'm still gonna give it a go, perhaps not in London. I figure cycling in Nottingham should be slightly on the safer side than in London. Now the question is which bike to get. I never cycled in London, I've gained all my knowledge on bikes in just the 8 months I've been here, suffice to say i don't know awful lot about which ones are good for different areas, need, and the different brands; I thought the Dutch city bike here will be suitable for cycling in England but a friend of mine said differently, because there are a lot of hills in England, maybe mountains bikes, but I'm not a fun of those. I'm also not a fun of the open chain bikes which seems to be the case for most of the bikes in England at least with those I found through my search. The two ladies burgers bikes in the pictures above, love them.

You know about bikes, bike enthusiast  please leave comments!

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  1. Those bikes sure are stylish. And their vintage design fits right in with Holland from the images you’ve posted.

    Eight months of cycling in Holland, then. Man, that’s exciting. Venice and Amsterdam have been at the top of my list for places to visit, and bikes (or scooters) are big there too. Did you buy your bikes when you go out there or did get loaned one?

    Not sure one of those vintages bikes would be good for London, sadly. Firstly, it will be so unique in London that someone might well try to run off with it when you chain it up, and the other thing is its practicality. If you’re in the suburbs that shouldn’t be too bad, but Central London could be hairy what with all the traffic and road/pavement works.

    Nevertheless, still awesome bikes, and I bet you make them look even better. :)