Not Ordinary

Again my plan to blog every other day was short-lived. Although, this time around it was so I could spend quality time with my good friend with visited me from London for the weekend. It was great catching up after so many months. I also used the opportunity to visit parts of the country I haven't been bothered to see. I was a tourist for the weekend :D.

When in Amsterdam we went into the UNITED NUDE (NU) shop. I have known and being a fan of NU shoes for a while. However, until this visit, I merely was attracted to it for its use of colours and of course the obvious, 'shoes' what is not to love about shoes, a good pair, I should add. NU shoes are no ordinary shoes, from their choice of materials, to colours and the intrinsic geometrical shapes which set it apart from all others. I particularly love their abstract pumps, block hi loafers and the colourful elastic crossed straps which are repeated in several of their designs. The collection although unusual, with rugged  architectural inspired shapes is still wearable and beautiful. Many a time you see designers go overboard with their vision, probably so they are noticed as avant-garde only to end up with unwearable clothing. Reading about its founders, Dutch architecture Rem D koolhass and English designer Gelahad Clark of Clark's shoes, it suddenly made sense where they pull their inspiration from.  I was inspired by their collection - not to be afraid to go crazy wacky, to do some outside the box creative thinking when it comes to my work. It is good to be different and to push your creative boundaries. After all innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. That isn't to say one is better than the other. You can't be both so you choose which will suit you best.

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