Walking the Talk

Do you find yourself in situations where you want to make profound changes, seize opportunities to do something great yet for some reasons that some people might see as excuses, you can't seem to make them happen? Or rather friends tell you about these great ideas that they have for a business, want to start a blog, just want to make a change in their lives almost every time you meet. Still you never see these ideas manifest into realities. 

As they are telling you their ideas and plans you can see and feel the passion and you think to yourself “wow! If they get things going, there is no telling what will happen next" they have sold it to you right there and then. Because you have your own dreams you want to make come true, you are getting pumped up from their energy and enthusiasm. You suddenly think if you start talking about your ideas with conviction just like they have done, and maybe do some research here and there, also tell more people about it; lots and lots of people, then you just might be able to make it. For some bizarre reason, you believe that just telling people is enough to make it happen, and of course you enjoy the insignificant pride you get when they tell you how ambitious you are.

This had been my life until recently. Sometimes I was the listener but many a time the passionate talker. Going on about what I wanted to do all the time. I would have said at the time, that I didn't know how and where to start, probably would have said, it comes down to who you know. The truth of the matter is I didn't even begin. Wanting to do something but not being able to make it happen can sometimes be one of the hardest things to come to terms with, and so I am over the moon to have been able to change that for myself.

I have amazing friends of whom I am extremely thankful to God for. They are incredibly talented and ambitious to say the least. They all have great things going for them, 80% of them have graduated from university and I have no doubt that in a year or two, I will see these guys being the top Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language therapist, Scientists, Lawyers,  Architecture amongst others. What I like is that we all have got these creative needs we want to fulfil. We love to do creative stuff outside our studies so much so that it becomes more than hobbies. Some are dancers, poets, model and aspiring fashion designers.  We want to do well in these areas alongside studying for our   degrees. Unfortunately some of us just couldn't make it happen. I was so happy when I heard that my friends had help organised a spoken word poetry event and had actually performed. The longs chats in cafes and university halls about ideas had actually been realised. The model has been doing more photoshoots, the dancers keep on performing; come rain or shine to tell their stories through dance and to put smiles on people’s faces. The aspiring designers including yours truly have started sharing our creation. I will share with you what my friend has been working on, would love your support

Finally, I have achieved making the dream a reality. I have always wanted to design my own clothing collecting.  After many attempt to get closer to the dream, from designing few pieces for fashion shows to helping out on fashion events. It's finally happening, I am walking the talk. It has been a long time coming. 

Although it hasn't been easy and it's still hard getting things going, I would encourage you to make that first step to your dream. It won’t be easy along the way, it might not even work out, but you will be glad you did. If it's something you really enjoy, I doubt you would look back once you make that first step. I am still at the beginning stages of lunching my t-shirt line, I will updates relevant thing here, just to show the products and also things that might be useful to those of you who want to start your own business, especially clothing business. It's helpful when you know the right people and where to go for help. I have learnt it the hard way but I'm more than happy to share!!

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