Africa Fashion Week 2011 : Christie Brown

AFW 2011 began yesterday in South Africa.  From the lineup of designers some of whom had shown some fine pieces in previous years. I was impatiently looking forward to what they were going to put on show. I was especially looking forward to Christie Brown, because I know more about her collection than the other designers or maybe was it because it’s by Ghanaian designer Aisha Obuobi, being bias, no I wouldn’t! J , but anyway it was good that her show was yesterday. I didn’t have to wait long. I honestly loved all her pieces, not just saying for the purpose if this post. I would wear them all.

I love how Africa is rising up in the global fashion world, timeless African trends such as African prints going very far in the top fashion cities of the world.  I am very excited to see what’s on the menu from the other designers showing at the AFW, will keep you posting.
Approximately how much will a piece from Christie Brown set me back? Need to do a bit of research, ideas for my next buy, from an old or new collection, it doesn’t matter. I have loved everything thing of hers that I have set my eyes on.
Photos from : Christie Brown Facebook, Photos by Simone Diener

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