Today I thought I was going to catch up on  AFW.. continuation of my last post, and see what the other shows were like but no, I have this pressing issue I suddenly feel the edge to blab on here.

Talking about beauty products that don't work

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Don't you just hate not ever finding the right cleanser, toner, mosturizer etc. You start seeing results from a product and you fool yourself into thinking you have found the right product. No you havent, oh no!  The moment you start thinking that, something goes wrong, you get a bad break out that you can't get rid off, with anything!. I have used Clinique 3 step skin care for almost four year until now. They have been on good terms with my skin for the most part, but I noticed within those four years that the product itself at times caused breakout. I stuck with it because it gave me a sort of good middle ground, it wasnt the best but better than the other products I had tried on and off. While I new it wasnt the best product for my skin, I kept using it beacuse I was fed up with searching for the right one. Not the easiest thing to do in the world, with some product even exacerbating the problem.  

I have to add that Clinique products in general tend to be good. I know people that the 3-step skin care has work well for, it just didnt work that well for me.

Beauty product that will work!

Some of you are lucky, most chemicals/ beauty product on shelves agrees with your skin and the rest of you probably have the strong will, and have put your skin under trials with several products and have finally found what works for you. it's great!  In actuality, I think it is the only thing that can be done. Or maybe avoid these chemicals for good, which is the method I have adopted now. I took a trip today to body shop and lush to collect some all nartural beauty products, to try them.

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Future solutions!

Science! I think it's actually the type of science that everyone might like. Even if science isn't your cup of tea. Don't worry read on. I am not going to go into details. Have you heard of DNA sequencing, whole genome sequencing? In the simplest definition, it is basically when an idividual DNA is analysed through scientific meothod and bioinformatic technologies to know the order of nucleotide bases which makes up the DNA. (The guanine, adenine, cytosine and thymine) you must remmber them for School. The idea behind the research is that positions of nuleotides encoding for specific protein will be known, and then other long processes and application for doing them. not going into that,  but the exciting thing about this is what it can be used in the end, for instance drugs can be made for specific groups who will respond well to that drug due to their DNA sequenced, This potentially could earse try and error aspect of medication which result in allergies. It's good news for curing serious illness. Also the trivial thing that will make me happy will be when pharmaceutical companies who make our facial cleansers and other product produces with indivial's/group DNA in mind, so I don't go and try neutrogena and clearasil for my face to swell up and then find out later that there is a salicylate and some chemicals that my body doesn't like. wouldn't that be great? I think that will be great!

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I added these photos because I think they have beautiful skin .

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  1. That last picture of Janelle Monae is just divine!

    I know she is wearing makeup however, great skin provides a great base for makeup, and no amount of makeup can irradicate the bumps created by acne prone skin.

    One day, I'll get back to this glowing skin :), hopefully x