Something for the weekend: Mercy Movement Concert

If you are going to be in London this weekend, or you live there, please make it a point to come to the Mercy Movement Concert and be a part of something great. It's going to be an evening packed with a variety of talents from poets  to dancers. This movement was set up and run by young people who want to be the change in our world. We all can help in different ways, by going to this event where you are guaranteed an awesome time, you will help a child have a better living. The money you will pay for your tickets will go towards building orphanage for our brothers and sister in other parts of the world. So they too can live a normal life with essentials such as food, water and shelter

This video will tell you more.

Hurry up and grab your ticket(s) and don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this pioneering movement.

Thank you for reading

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