A Task for 2013: No heat on my hair

Back a year later. I've miss blogging and thank you all for those who visited while I was away.

So after a little research into the extent of damage heat (straightening and blow dry) causes to hair, I have decided that this year my difficult and tedious undertaking in terms of my hair will be not to straighten or blow dry it. Last year one of few occasion where I had to straightening my hair was for a friend's wedding, I was one of the bridesmaid and of course I had to get my hair in theme. There is another wedding this year, yaay!! but as I will be attending as a guest. I should be be fine rocking my hair however I want it.

I mentioned earlier one reason why I want to do this, for less damage, the second reason is the holding out till the end of the year to see the growth and length. Aren't you always surprise at the length of your hair when you do a blow out or straightening? the magic that is natural black/afro hair.

You can't really see my hair in this, I'm in a week old twist out.

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