When in doubt, wear that white shirt

Here is a little report on this year's spring summer 2013 styles.

SS13 Stella Mc Cartney

I personally don't dress myself entirely on what is in season and what the "experts" say to wear. But I like to find a good balance between what is in trend and my personal style, it's all about wearing what you feel comfortable in. And for the obvious reason, practicality - these high street shops or clothing companies where we all shop from follow these trends so i don't think there really would be a choice there if you want to completely ignore fashion trends. Anyway I digress, the purpose for this post is really to share a few of my favourite looks from the catwalk and elsewhere to inspire! those who want to update their look this spring and look trendy at same time.

 SS13, Givenchy
 From top left-clockwise: Jil Sander, Victoria Beckham, Preen and Lacoste
SS13 Victoria Beckham

I love how a lot of the designers used white fabrics in their SS13 collections. There were a myriad of intricate details, foldings, lace, cut outs, a lots of embelishments. I love so many of them, but I have only shown a few here. One of my favourites is Stella McCartney's bomber jacket in the first picture. which is clean yet has some cool intricate detailing with the cut outs and also using different materials the sheer over the opaque white.

I don't remember a time when the colour white was not in fashion. So I say everyone should own a few pieces of white clothing, if nothing, THE CLASSIC WHITE SHIRT. I just love it, it's clean, subtle and sophisticated at the same time. It works for anytime of the day look, with a white shirt you can transition your look from a work outfit (office wear) to day time and evening wear.

 Karla Deras-Blogger

A LITTLE TIP: when you are unsure what to wear ladies? wear your white shirt. You have a white shirt right? Pair it with a skirt or jeans (all cuts) or trousers,  a pair of heels or ballet pumps. Zhuzh it up with a blazer as required and a statement necklace and voila. You look fly :)

Thanks for visiting this page and do leave a comment if you are inspired or for the sake it ;). Stay blessed.


  1. A white shirt is classic. Love Jil Sander's version!

  2. Hello Regine, I hope you are well. thanks for your comment. I agree, Jil Sander's looks the most traditional too.