Have you been inspired lately?

Hey guys, I am really tired today, So I am just going to do a quick post, feeling very inspired through the tiredness. I had a long day at a business training session which went great. I got back very late and now I have to catch up on work with my other life of being a student. A full time student also trying to set up a business. I have to juggle the two and even try and push in some part time work in there. It has got to be done. 

.You cannot start leaving off your ideas or business right off the bat, it takes time. So you have to juggle building up your idea alongside a part-time job or sometime you may even need full-time.

A little advice for you if you are thinking of starting a business or want to become a young entrepreneur. Don't quit you day job straight away, even if you have the ultimate business idea, and if you are determine you won't be holding those two jobs for long.

I thought I would share these inspirational quotes I found with you guys. Sometimes when you feel burnt out, and don't want to continue in pursuit of God, happiness, money, whatever.. You just need some encouragement, you need to say some of these things out loud to wake yourself up.. you can even go as far as posting them on your walls so you wake up to them everyday.

I love being inspired,  I get inspiration often from seeing something that someone has done, conversations with friends and sometimes from random strangers that I struck conversations with every so often.

I want to end this post by reiterating that I may  fail in my attempts to lists the correct sources of some of the images used herein.  Their used here are soley for commentary reasons  and I would love for you to leave me a comment or send me an email on anything I have misreference. Also thank you to whoever left a comment on my post about AFW..I really appreciate it...I have referenced it and I will do my best with future referencing.

Thank you for reading  :)

Credits : Weheartit - Mixedupmemor... ; Itsacraftylife ; Quotearts

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