The Milk dresses Madomoiselle Chi Chi

On the face of it, these beautiful figure hugging dresses with  beautiful drapes, look like that are made with your usual silk fabrics, but they are actually made from milk. Aha  milk, Interesting or what!

The label mademoiselle chi chi is by a German fashion designer Anke Domaske who is also a microbiologist. The fabric was produced using a protein found in sour milk (casein protein), together with other  natural ingredients. They make the fabric by heating the protein and then they minced it, in the  same way as mincing meat, to create threads that are eventually used to make the fabrics. The designer says the fabrics has a silky feeling and falls wonderfully. Which you can see from looking at the dresses and would also explain the beautiful drapes.
This idea of making fabric using substandard food produce is likely to be the future trend, as more of us are becoming environmental conscious and also as more fashion designers sourcing organic materials for their collection.

Last year at an exhibition at Amsterdam Fashion Week, I met a couple who were in a process of working on something similar, making fabrics form waste fruits and vegetables. At the time, they were still researching into ways to make their fabric sheet stronger to be be able to use in making clothing. I think the milk fabrics works as milk fibre essentially will be stronger than the composition of fruits or vegetables; fruit and vegetable fibre. However, it's very exciting, I hope they have made huge progress. You can see some of their fabrics here fabrics made with strawberries and broccoli. on of my old post. I think they made the green ones from either  broccoli or brussels sprouts. 


  1. As I was reading this I was thinking of that couple in A'dam! Amazing what people can do.
    But lovely, where are you? You don't have Facebook anymore?
    Jodie xx

  2. They were really nice people, with so much passion. Yes, I have suspended my facebook acct, just for a little while, so I can focus on building up the clothing line and on uni.But I will still make time to blog. so pop around from time to time or follow me on twitter. lot of love xoxo